• Our Core Values

    Offshore Center As A Service

    We are committed to building the most trusted offshore outsourcing company in the world through an unwavering adherence to our six core values and business practices. We hold ourselves accountable to these every day and ask our client partners to do the same.

    So what it is that makes Offshorent different than any other offshore staffing service in the world and has earned us such loyal partner clients?


    The only way to achieve trust is through 100% cost and operations transparency. Offshorent clients know exactly how much they are paying each extended team member AND they also know exactly how much Offshorent is making for facilitating the service. Offshorent also helps
    our client partners make the best off-shore staffing solution by providing ongoing industry insights, information and guidance.

    Pride of Ownership

    The most critical element of success is largely glazed over in the off-shore outsourcing world. The actual people doing the work. At Offshorent, we take pride in our employees personal development and instill pride of ownership in the work they do on behalf of our clients. We have an industry low turnover rate and it’s largely because we create a friendly, respectful work environment and actively initiate recognition programs with our client partners.

    Client Care

    We demonstrate care in two ways. First, we bring a human touch by putting ourselves in our Clients’ shoes and operating with empathy. In everything we do, we strive for collaboration and being fair-minded. Second, we care for our client’s valuable assets by utilizing a secure virtual private network (VPN) that ensures authorized access, protection of assets and facilitates collaboration across locations. For added protection and compliance, Offshorent provides a 24/7 power generator, biometric building access, security personnel, redundant high-speed internet line, secure internet with firewall and VLAN capability. In addition, we require all employees to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement.


    Innovation sounds counter-intuitive when it comes to offshore outsourcing. The usual operating procedure is to get the job done and move on. We have a completely different philosophy that is aimed at employee development and client retention. We incentivize our employees to help save our client’s time and money. We take pride in our team members’ ability to speak up and initiate fresh solutions, and it’s one of the strongest points of differentiation that our clients notice. We like to think that we are in the business of solving problems for our clients.


    We strive to understand our clients’ business, values, and complete goals. The most important way we demonstrate respect for our clients is by upholding their processes and protocols and by pulling together the best fit talent for their needs. This results in software products that deliver on business team.


    The Offshorent founders pioneered a candidate screening process for qualifying, presenting and onboarding the best talent for each client need, including both technical skills and personal attributes. The combination of efficient recruiting and retaining the best candidates allows us to minimize our corporate marketing and training overhead. These savings are passed on to our loyal customers who enjoy a savings on average around 38% versus other offshore staffing services.