• Twitter Launches Periscope, Live Streaming App for Android

      Twitter has just launched its video streaming app, periscope on Google’s mobile OS platform, Android. It has already launched the app on iTunes store two months ago. This app will present Android users a unique experience of watching live video broadcast. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for users using Android version Kitkat or above. One of the main features of Periscope will be the level of interactivity and flexibility it offers to users. Users can start a public or private video streaming; and can interact with a broadcaster through chat or sharing hearts.

      Twitter Launches Periscope, Its Live Streaming Application for Android platform










      It also has features that are not present in the iOS version. Users will have a granular control over additional push notification settings like ‘First Time Broadcast Notifications’ and ‘Share Notifications’. Users also can continue watching their videos from where they stopped due to interruptions like call or message. Without uploading files, users can save replays also. This will help reduce the mobile data usage for broadcasters.


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