• The Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Developers

      Once upon a time, PHP appeared on static HTML files as code snippets. Today they have evolved with everything else in technology. And even risen in prominence too.

      All PHP frameworks typically make speed development a reality while providing organized, maintainable and reusable code, thus letting you scale up easily. But some PHP frameworks take it a step forward.


      Here are 5 super popular PHP frameworks that best anchor and streamline the web development backend stories.

      1. Laravel

      Released in 2011, Laravel is, even in the current year, the most popular framework, preferred among developers and noobs alike. With a spell bindingly huge eco-system and options of instant hosting and deployment platforms, it comes with its own set of tutorials which are already immensely loved by users. Equipped with its very own light-weight templating engine, “Blade” and a local development environment, “Homestead”, Laravel is all you ever wanted in a PHP.

      2. Symfony

      Next up is Symfony. Symfony 2 framework lends itself out component wise to some very famous projects. What makes it even more special is Laravel also relies on it. These are PHP libraries that are reusable and ensures the completion of varied tasks ranging across routing, authentication, form creation, object configuration, templating etc. The website itself inspires you with a showcase section where you can see what project developers have
      accomplished and you can install components too!

      3. CodeIgniter

      Not just a cool name; this PHP framework is a cool cat in terms of installation and use too. Released first in 2006, it requires absolutely minimal configuration and is superbly hassle free! An ideal choice when it comes to version conflicts, it works smoothly across all shared and dedicated hosting platforms. It is the freedom loving developer’s paradise. A lean framework by itself it allows you to add as many third party plug ins that you’d need.

      4. Yii 2

      As cute and kiddy as it sounds, Yii packs quite a punch. Fastest among PHP frameworks, this one can boost your site performance. Object oriented, clean, logical code base it is based on the use of the lazy loading technique. The coding concept it adheres to is Don’t Repeat Yourself – or in popular coding parlance – DRY. If your background is in frontend, Yii 2 could easily be your best friend – easy to use skinning and theming, AJAX enabled features and a fantastic integration with jQuery makes it fun to use. Its class code generator, Gii lets you be as interactive as possible in generating code too.

      5. Phalcon

      Released in 2012, this one gained popularity super quickly. Written in C and C++, focused on performance optimization at its best, it truly plays on the word Falcon in terms of speed. Decreasing resource outage and boosting execution speed, it has some super cool features to use. And you need not know the C language to handle it. If you are planning to give it a shot, rest assured you will thoroughly enjoy its universal auto-loader, security, translation, caching, asset management and so on! Easy to use, fantastically well documented – this is worth a shot for sure.

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