• 10 Tips to Improve AdWords Page Quality Score in Advertisement Campaigns

      There is a thin line that can get your advertisement campaign go Yay! or go Meh. It is called the AdWords Page Quality Score. In case you haven’t come across this before – the Adwords Quality Score is formed by the combined relevance of your keywords, ads and landing page. Ranked from 1 to 10, it has an implication on how much you pay!

      Here are 10 great tips to improve AdWords page quality score in advertisement campaigns.

      1. Organize!

      Like in every other aspect of life on Earth, organizing is a great start to ensuring a winning game. Have a lot of ad groups with a brief list of keywords. The idea is to stay flexible AND organized when you are putting together your campaigns, ad groups and keywords. List out your keywords and optimize your current existing ad and your landing page. You could even create a new ad group that is focussed on a working adword. Say your campaign is on Bread and Egg. The best way to go about this is to draw it out. First break it down to the kinds of products that comes under each, based on your product type. And then list adwords for each beneath it. So here would is how you go about it.adwords-page-score

      If you have one type of product, you could break down your adwords depending on the kind of market you are choosing. It is always better to choose extreme differentials.

      2. Clean up!

      Delete keywords which have a low quality score. If the score goes below 3, delete the keyword.
      This is because Adwords takes into account your overall Quality Score for each and every keyword Quality Score. Low quality keywords hurts your overall performance and brings it all crashing down. If you intend to fix them, pause low quality keywords. And if you dont have the time nor mindspace for it, hit delete.

      3. Want it? Brand it.

      Nothing works if it is not packaged. Packaging and branding is a sign of quality control – like someone has put in enough investment to make it actually marketable. In Adwords, a branding campaign translates to low CPC and high CTR. That is Cost Per Click and Click Through Rate respectively.

      4. Optimize

      So the common understanding is that an ad which is on #1 position will have a higher CTR. But the truth is that when an ad on #4 is clicked, the person clicking is more likely to be actually interested in your product. Positioning of the ad is based on our CTR and you can achieve higher Quality Score by positioning it on the lower end.

      5. Get Device Wise

      So Adwords gives you a Quality Score for every device. Now, strangely Google recently decided desktops and tablets were kind of the same thing. So you need to only focus on the mobile and the desktop and give a thought to the tablet. Questions to ask yourself are is your site tablet ready, does it scale and does your check-out processes work across all devices? In case you are planning to go all out, go for mobile optimized landing pages and get your Adword game at its best by writing ads focussed on mobile users.

      6. Drop the pin

      Google checks out your performance per geo-location, per region. Here is how to do well in this. Isolate your visitors in terms of local and high-performance. Geo-target the primary areas you function in and serve the ads specifically to those nearby.

      7. Land great

      Adwords won’t help unless your landing page is fantastic. Google scans your text for relevance. If you are selling bread and eggs, your text should be about bread and eggs. The mistake is to not have text at all or too little for Google to scan and make sense of. Write atleast 3 paragraphs of copy on your landing page.

      8. Be viewer friendly

      Clean your code and ensure fast loading. Get a lower bounce rate, find ways to keep a visitor on your site for atleast 4 minutes, and try opting for a single page site to make it right.

      9. Write better.

      Be relevant. Google is scanning for whether people are clicking and whether you are using the right keywords. You see, Google can’t really tell how good your ad copy is. It can only tell if people click on it and if it contains keywords you are using in your campaign. So, when writing an ad, don’t just be creative, be relevant in the eyes of Google.

      10. Test it!

      Test everything in your campaign. Before going live. Rotate ads evenly. And just prepare very well!

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