• Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

      Social Media Marketing trends from year to year moving into new dimensions with tremendous amount of continuous success. People around the world witness new trends and changes in the sphere of social media marketing with high amount of anxiety. Digital marketing actually making huge impact on different business.

      Social Media Trends 2015

      In this modern time people are connected through online and even doing business through it and it enabling them to make huge amount of advantages in the form of retain and establishing long term customer relationships. Online marketing tactics are used by many companies throughout the world to promote their valuable products. You can find below some of the Social Media Trends that might strongly govern the online business by 2015.

      Entertainment Integrated with the Brand May Replace Traditional Advertising.

      Traditional way of advertising methodology more likely to change in 2015 to a new style where entertainment of customers based on brand would ultimately result in easy and effective method of communication associated with conveying messages. This notable trend will certainly become more practical in 2015, even though its signs will be clearly visible in 2013. Because customers always need things fast and have to follow innovative ideas.

      The more refined and authentic version of Social Commerce Trend in 2015

      It is quite seriously observed that Social Media may provide a very effective new distribution based model, for the requirement of e-commerce. The present e-commerce good practices still advice building elaborate and expensive home pages along with leaving the product pages barren. If those relevant product pages are shared and public who click clearly that link by-pass all of those available beautiful pages and an attempt to reach those new valuable customers is lost. This is considered as one of many examples of methods for firms to capitalize on the process of integrating social media into the concept e-commerce.

      Social Centered Search along With a change back to the User-Paid Content in 2015

      During 2015 it will be more intense the trend like social search is clearly displacing Google’s hereditary search and the times when content can’t give a viable revenue source and of itself are fading. This is basically a big and inevitable shift debunking as far as the best practices from the past year. It is quite clear that quality content will be a crucial piece to exploit on these two relevant trends.

      Establishment of Customer Loyalty by Gamification to Social media

      Basically the concept Gamification clearly takes the techniques used to create video based games, extremely involving and applies them to relevant businesses, different products, and ideas and concepts to make them involving and lead to customer loyalty.

      Social Media accompanies Facebook as far as domination is concerned

      The recent studies on online sphere show that Facebook might lose its ultimate dominance in the social media sphere. A mix of innovative social trends along with quite relevant societal pressures is pulling this shift.

      This world is not waiting for anyone but changing rapidly. In social media new trends arise every year just like when one man dies then new child born. Anyway it would make the online business more interesting and effective.


      Author: KC Jagadeep, Managing Director (India) @ Offshorent


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