• Rise in tech salaries in US makes IT outsourcing inevitable for small to medium companies

      The escalating rate of unemployment is the major reason behind the Anti-Outsourcing campaigns in U.S. Although the economic downturn is deeply rooted in the nature of current global economy, people turned against outsourcing, as it can be easily identifiable. It is obvious that outsourcing has been taking away the majority of jobs from US. And we surely need innovative policies to generate more opportunities within the country. However, this strategy may not be applicable to every sector, since it will not be effective as a long-term solution. One of those sectors is, of course, the IT industry.

      A recent survey conducted by Dice shows that the tech salaries in US are rising to the highest level in a decade. The study says that the average earning by IT professional has increased by 5 percent, from $81,327 to $85,619. Moreover, the unemployment rate in the IT sector is too low (only 3.8%) compared to the overall rate of 7.8%. This is a strong evidence of the rising demand of more workforce in US IT industry.

      The rocketing salaries for tech professionals call for offshore outsourcing to play a crucial rule in meeting the demand of small to medium companies in US. They badly need quality IT professionals at affordable rates. To achieve that, the only way before them is using IT offshore outsourcing. If we take unwise and hasty steps against IT offshore outsourcing, it will cause a huge setback for the entire IT sector. Eventually, it might end up in losses that won’t be easily repairable.


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