• How to retain an effective Offshore Development Team

      Plenty of companies heavily depend on Offshore Teams to fulfill their goals. It clearly underlines the faith of these companies in this process. Many organizations are using offshore teams due to the following reasons:

      • Low cost
      • Flexibility in higher level
      • Availability of reliable talent
      • It leads to excellent results
      • It enables them to concentrate on key areas where strong attention is required

      Offshorent's offshore development team

      Selection of a talented and skilled offshore team is inevitable for producing better results. If not, you may not have the results you desire. As a result make a comparative study and select the most suitable and proactive offshore team that compensate you requirements and skillset. Communication is key element in business, because ineffective communication may cause confusion and become taboo behind good relationship with the both the offshore vendor and customer. But this sort of issues especially associated with the communication can be eliminated certain extent by doing few things while using offshore teams. Evaluate Verbal Communication During The Interview You should have to analyze the verbal communication of the candidates during the time of interview. Verbal communication is important, the same as a technical interview. People with proper communication in your offshore team can assist you to communicate well with them and control them properly. Find Time To Communicate With Your Offshore Team Plan and Implement an effective IRC channel where there is constant and continuous communication among team members. Once the relevant offshore team member who joins the group, try to encourage them to ask some questions and effectively interact in the IRC with the other members of development team. Strengthen The Relationship Try to get to know the employees directly after the training and spent some valuable time with them. It would result in mutual trust and establishment of better personal relationship. It will make a lot of positive impact on communication with the offshore team. Provide Training To Improve The Communication After the appointments provide them with a couple week’s training to sharpen their communication abilities, to produce better results. Because all the employees may not have the excellent communication skills. In this case it would more helpful for those who are weak in the sphere of communication. Anything is possible if you have the attitude to work closely along with your offshore teams. If they feel that you consider and care them well, it would result in positive results.


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