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      The Instagram Team at Facebook Headquarters is definitely losing sleep for the past few weeks and we’re sure it’s not the sadness of seeing Obama leave in a few months.

      (image credit: http://prisma-ai.com)


      It’s Prisma.

      Unless you have been living under a rock, or are as illiterate about the latest trends in technology as my pet squirrel Squirky, you would definitely have seen atleast one of those artistic display pics Prisma has been revolutionizing the Social Networks with.

      Well, no one’s to blame. Prisma is unique, fun, addictive and smart – the perfect combo to create a mind-blowing App that hits the top-seller charts. With 7.5 Million Downloads and 1 Million active users in just a month, the
      statistics are pretty impressive.

      What It Is?

      Created by Alexey Moiseenkov, founder of Prisma Labs based out of Moscow, Prisma is an algorithm-based photo tweaking App, with filters that provide an artistic and painterly definition to your photos. What started off with 20 filters, is now expected to reach over to 40 filters by the end of July, going by what the team over at Prisma had to say.

      What makes Prisma stand out is the fact that rather than just applying art filters overlaying the original image, as in Instagram, Prisma relies on a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to create a whole new image by taking the image layer by layer. And unlike various other apps where the heavy-lifting is done by your phone, here the processing is done by Prisma’s remote servers.

      Considering the fact that similar desktop applications earlier used to take anywhere between 10-60 minutes to provide similar effects, the processing power of Prisma is one to be applauded. In an interview, Alexey talked about how he had found an existing computer algorithm for converting images into artworks, and how his team took 2 months to improve the algorithm so that it would work instantaneously, rather than taking several minutes to process a single image.

      Since each image is separated into layers and then the neural network creates a whole new image on a blank canvas, the processing power required is pretty huge.

      Prisma is ready for the world, it is prepared to take up the onslaught of iOS and Android Users together.

      What’s Available Now?

      Well firstly, you can definitely download the Android version now from Google Playstore. And as Alexey has already announced, Prisma for Video can also be expected to be launched soon, with hopeful extension to Virtual Reality somewhere down the line.

      So, does Prisma have a future? Well, if they get acquired or if they expand their product to newer horizons, no matter what, the future does look bright, especially with the tech-powerhouse in the backend. And since Squirky has also shown a liking to my new Prisma’d DP, all looks good.



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