• What Prevents China to Grow in IT Outsourcing?

      IT Outsourcing Business can be successful and profitable if guided properly to get desired results. The entry of China to the field of IT Outsourcing Business is not a surprising one. But the major question is whether they will able to survive in the midst of fierce competition that they have to face from countries like India, which possess excellent reputation and remarkable history of success in IT Outsourcing. By considering their inexperience and lack of proper talent, it would be quite tough job to remain victorious in the sphere of IT Outsourcing.

      Preventing China IT Outsourcing Growth

      Here are some of the reasons underlined that show it may be a tough race as far as China is concerned, to overcome all the challenges in IT Outsourcing. Some of the notable ones are given below:

      Shortage of Proper IT Talent

      Even though there is a strong desire to compete with India on behalf of China, it will be not be an easy job to do. The main thing will be shortage of skilled and talented manpower from the side of China compared to India. India has well trained professionals to produce incredible results and they work based on proper guide lines with great purpose. In order to bridge this gap China has to work hard. The recent growth of China is very slow and not hopeful in IT Outsourcing.

      Non-existence of Good reputation for Intellectual Property Protection & Security

      Based on the policies and strategies of Chinese government, there is a bad reputation associated with the Intellectual Property Protection as well as Security. This is also one of the taboos behind the lack of growth of China in the area of Outsourcing business. But in India it is vice versa and truly favorable due to the immense support by the Government of India for the expansion and the growth of IT Development by taking appropriate steps.

      Linguistic Barriers

      China lacks in English proficiency compared to India. So inappropriate and unclear communications can create plenty of problems. Even though they are making efforts to improve their English communication skills, they are not getting valuable results. Their progress is very slow and not hopeful based on the current results. But in India the scenario is the opposite, as a result of propagation of English language by the British influence India was founded upon. This is also an important fact as far as the amazing success of India in Outsourcing business.

      The Culture

      If you would consider the style of culture by the Chinese, you must understand their culture is more closed and rigid than the Indian culture. The Chinese are not ready to ask questions and involve in conversations during the outsourcing process. In other words “do as I told you” kind of behavior can be witnessed among the Chinese. It would definitely make negative factor for the IT Outsourcing Development of China.

      The field of IT Outsourcing is a matured market and China is new to IT Business. It is easy to dream the growth of business, but you should have the potentials to make the dream into reality. At the moment, the dream of china to compete with India remains just as dream – because they have only started the journey and still have plenty of distance to cover.


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