• The positives of dedicated offshore outsourcing other than cost saving

      “The only good thing about Outsourcing is cost savings”- might be the answer you get when asking the question – “What are the positives of outsourcing?”- to most of the small to medium companies. That comes from the outcome of those companies’ experience with traditional offshore outsourcing services. It has blotted all innumerable advantages of offshore outsourcing out.

      But the clients of dedicated offshore outsourcing service will have different stories to share for sure. Because the ‘Offshore Center as a Service’ model has drastically changed the prevailing outsourcing models and brought in many new positive elements into offshoring. So here, we are trying to elucidate the features of dedicated offshore outsourcing excluding cost-reduction factor as succinctly as possible.

      1. Exact solutions to your requirement –We guarantee you the most appropriate solution to accomplish your need with perfection. You can approach us even if you want just one resource for a project.

      2. Streamlined process ensuring maximum control – You have the power to hire the resource that matches the standards of skills, experience and overall quality you set. You can conduct interviews, fix salaries, plan the strategies, and manage the entire project development process.

      3. Direct relationship with resources – Being different from the traditional middleman model, Offshorent helps you build a mutual growing relationship with the dedicated resources you hire. This staunch rapport will remove the barriers of communication, and nurture a culture upon trust, loyalty and love

      4. Completely transparent operations–From hiring an employee to delivering your project, Offshorent keeps each and every stage in the process completely transparent. This will help you scale the operations accurately.

      5. Local support that handholds you – Offshorent maintains support mechanisms that locate at your country. Therefore, you can meet us and discuss your concerns at anytime you want. Thus, we ensure that you will never be at sea when an issue comes up.

      6. Your own development center without the huge infrastructure costs and maintenance headaches – Although, your development team works remotely, we take all measures to make it your own development center. Multiple communication channels, video surveillance, high-level security, 24/7 operational capability, etc will help you manage your team without much difficulty.

      So, these are the reasons that prompt us to think beyond the general idea that most keep on offshore outsourcing. We have to realize that the cost saving factor alone can’t make a business model successful.


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