• Points to Consider While Hiring a Web Development Firm

      So, you have decided to take your work / your hobby / your life online! That is a great step in itself. Taking it online opens you up to a plethora of some great opportunities – business as well as social. But all of it could just become a veritable nightmare of wasted resources if you do not choose the right web design firm / freelance designer. Here, we take you through the journey of what to consider seriously when hiring one!

      1. Check on the services offered.

      Not just website design, many web design companies offer a plethora of services such as web development, copywriting, hosting, digital marketing solutions such as say social media, SEO, etc and e-commerce solutions as well. Each of these services require different skill sets and not always is a company well equipped in all of it.

      2. Custom designed websites vs. template driven?

      Most web design companies and freelancers alike will offer options of both custom designed websites as well as templates. While the template option is a cheaper one, it may not be a good deal for your brand. So check with the team if they can tweak a template to offer you a better value for cost while creating a fresh look for your brand.

      3. Check if they are updated.

      What sets apart the world of technology and design from most of other skill based markets is that it is constantly evolving. The latest trends are essential not just because of the sense of style, flair and flamboyance it brings, but also because evolving technologies are created as a result of problem solving. The latest trends are thus, the best of the lots.

      Looking to hire a web design firm / freelance designer? It is essential to ask certain key questions vis-a-vis the latest trends and practices. Ask Expert Now

      This review can hinge on the following:

      a.Influence of current customer requirements – Customer requirements for businesses have changed with time and as different types of businesses have evolved. It is important to see if the information and/or service required by the customer is easily comprehended/accessed by going through the website.

      b.Conversion factors– A website should convert to tangibles for your business. This conversion is based on several factors. For instance the landing page – including the speed of loading, the keywords on the website that can be used for a Google Adword Campaign, intuitive UX, cross-browser testing are extremely crucial.

      c.Visual presentation– The design team must be able to make an indicative UI which doesn’t require users to experiment or deduce an interaction. It has to be functional and meet the expectations of the user. The designer must be able to give a clear response.

      4. Ask for examples.

      Obtain a list of sites that the web design firm / freelancer has worked on. Check for design diversity, performance, ease of use, navigation and fit to business style. Ask questions – find out the thoughts of the designer or requirement placed by the business.

      5. Check for case studies that reflect impact.

      When you hire a web design firm, you are hiring for more than just an address on the internet. You are, in reality aiming for return on investment and some key business results. Most web design firms will be able to provide you a case study on how online sales have increased or conversion rates have got boosted in the given time period.

      These 5 points are non negotiable when hiring a web design firm/freelance designer. Working out a budget including hidden costs is a parallel process but the best point to start from is to have a checklist of requirements met right at the beginning of it all.

      Looking to hire a web design firm / freelance designer?  It is essential to ask certain key questions vis-a-vis the latest trends and practices. Ask Expert Now


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