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    We believe the most informed clients are the best clients. One of our core values is to provide 100% transparency of our model and business practices, and also be a resource to provide ongoing insights into industry best practices, trends and enlightening observations by industry experts.

    • Essential-Android-Apps-for-SEO

      5 Essential Android Apps for Search Engine Optimization

      The days of web based Applications are gone. With the advent of smartphones people want to manage everything on the go. Here we would like to introduce you some essential SEO apps which will help you monitor and manage your SEO activities from Android phones.

    • Usefulness-vs-Usability

      Usability Vs Usefulness – Which is more important for a startup?

      Nowadays, usability is often considered as one of the most important aspect while developing an application. Every company, whether it’s small or big, is striving hard to develop software products having outstanding usability.

    • seo tips 2016

      Best OFF Page & On Page SEO practices to follow in 2016

      Important SEO tips to improve website traffic in 2016 SEO is still the most crucial factor in determining a website’s success. It is an inevitable process in increasing website traffic, boosting the page rank and ultimately in bringing more sales.

    • php 7 performance

      PHP 7.0.0 hits the tech space with amazing features

      The new version of PHP, 7.0.0 has been released with a more powerful features that can double the current performance as claimed by Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of the programming language.

    • Google app streaming mobile deep linking

      Google’s new app streaming feature takes mobile deep linking to the next level

      Many recent studies about mobile user behavior have found out that the most of the apps installed on mobile devices are not used by majority of the users. According to a research done by comScore in the US revealed that 80% of the users are reluctant to use more than three apps.

    • OS-team - offshorent wordpress plugin

      Showcase your team strength with ‘OS Our Team’ wordpress plugin

      The most important element of a company is the people behind it. That’s why most companies add a ‘Meet the Team’ page on their website. By giving information about your individual team members, you can win customer’s trust and confidence.

    • How to promote your last minute holiday sale?

      Holiday sale is an outstanding opportunity for enhancing your eCommerce sales. However, its success depends upon how you promote the holiday sale. If you cannot attract potential customers to your website, it will be wasted.

    • Mobile Marketing – a key to e-Commerce Success

      The buzzword in today’s global retail business is e-Commerce. It’s become one of the fastest growing online businesses thanks to the co-occurring smartphone revolution. Many studies prove this inevitable relation of the present uprise and future success of e-Commerce with the surging popularity of smartphones across the world. So e-Commerce companies have shifted their focus to mobiles. Now, they are busy with innovating and applying new ideas for enhancing their business using mobiles. The messages, the applications, advertisements, etc are now being shaped to fit the nature of mobile devices. Actually, mobile as a medium is now determining the nature of the global commerce. That’s how we have come to understand why Marshall McLuhan, the great visionary and communication theorist, said: “Medium is the message”. A study conducted by Digi-Capital establishes that mobile commerce is going to be the most crucial source of revenue by 2017. It will rise to $516 billion in 2017 from $133 billion in 2013. The revenue generated by consumer apps will be $ 74 billion. Ad revenue itself will be $42. As per their prediction more than half of overall e-Commerce will occur through mobiles within two years. So it’s getting highly important that marketers … Read more

    • How dedicated outsourcing can reduce startup failures?

      Team building is always a difficult task for startups. Most of the startups cannot afford the traditional models of team building both financially and strategically. This infographics explains how dedicated offshore outsourcing can be the right remedy for startups in getting great talents in the initial and growing stages.

    • startup team building

      How can you build a winning team for your startup?

      In a recent study on startup failures published by CB Insights, they have analyzed over 100 post-mortem essays by startup founders and provided some great insights into the deep-rooted problems of startups. According to their findings, the most important factor is the lack of understanding of market needs. Almost 42% startups considered this as the biggest issue. While ‘financial constraints’ stands on the second position, ‘the difficulty in building the right team’ is the third important factor as it accounts for the failure of 23% of the startups. When does team building become a hurdle before startups? The issue appears in different ways and in different situations. So let’s examine each scenario separately. 1. The smartphone boom makes a highly tempting call for aspiring youngsters to turn into entrepreneurship and thus stand on their own feet. Usually, what they only have are new ideas, and what they don’t have are financial backing, and experience in marketing, research, management and team building. Among these the most crucial obstacles are finding budget to build infrastructure and hiring employees . 2. To set it rolling, they will arrange limited budget, and set up the office and team somehow. Most probably, it will evaporate … Read more