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    • 6 important ways of communication to improve the quality of your workforce

      1. Talk about your objectives and expectations to employees: It is very important that every employee must stick on to the goals of the organization. So companies need to communicate its goals and ambitions to its staffs. This will help employees to prepare well to adapt to the company strategies and working ambience, and improve their performance to meet the expectations.


      Outsourcing can make a strong impact on any organization. But during the time of decision making, many firms and top executives fall into dilemmas whether to outsource or not. At the end of the day many choose to outsource, companies are aware that there will be more advantages when they choose to outsource. Outsourcing non-core activities helps businesses stay focused on their own core offerings. Cost savings are certainly the main outcome of outsourcing, but there are many other factors that come into play when evaluating whether to build a team in-house or outsource.

    • Kerala – The Perfect Place to Outsource Your IT Development

      ‘Gods Own Country’ – this is how Kerala is named in the global tourism map. The alluring greenery of Western Ghats, the beauty of backwaters, and the warmth of the tropical climate altogether have made this small state in India one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Along with the thriving tourism industry, Kerala is now making its mark in IT development sector too. It has one of the rapidly growing IT industries in India

    • Small to medium companies’ need more than offshore outsourcing, they need strategic partnerships

      “The low-hanging fruit has been picked and reinvestment may be needed to get to the next level of value creation. Pressure on cost reduction continues in organizations and companies that looked solely at labor arbitrage opportunities with little concern or strategy for innovation. These organizations will find it difficult to rely on their low-cost, low-margin service providers to be in a position to step up with the kind of investment needed to give them additional competitive advantages.”

    • Guidelines to effectively build and manage IT outsourcing contracts

      Are you getting the result worth what you pay to offshore vendor? How can you make sure that your investment is used by your offshore outsourcing service center with care? An article by Sunny Gupta, published in CFO.com gives you a better insight into this very important matter. Sunny Gupta observes that most of the companies struggle hard to manage IT outsourcing contracts. It is getting more and more complex.

    • Cloud Computing Is Not A Killer! Instead, It Gives a More Critical Role to IT Outsourcing

      Is there any way to access IT services as easily as one can access electricity? Now, many have already started pointing at cloud computing as the answer. Cloud computing is defined as a utility model of computing capacity that will redefine the way the organizations function and deliver services for clients now. It also has certain definitive impacts on the outsourcing services.

    • A Huge Makeover Is Awaiting Offshore Outsourcing in 2013 – IT Outsourcing Trends in 2013

      Experts predict that outsourcing will wake up strong from the downturn it took in 2012. If their forecast is correct, 2013 will sweep this temporary slump off and bring more growth and progress in global outsourcing sector. As outsourcing contracts worth more than $50 billion are about to be renewed this year,

    • Rise in tech salaries in US makes IT outsourcing inevitable for small to medium companies

      The escalating rate of unemployment is the major reason behind the Anti-Outsourcing campaigns in U.S.

    • 2013 Will Be a Busy Year for Offshore Outsourcing – A Study by Horse for Sources (Hfs) Says

      2012, without any doubt, will remain as a nightmare for the companies in Offshore IT Outsourcing industry. It was portrayed as one of the main reasons for the growing unemployment in US. Negative campaigns labeled outsourcing as an evil to the shivering U.S.

    • Will bringing offshore jobs back to US be a long-term solution for reducing unemployment?

      Even though Offshorent is in the process of transforming IT outsourcing arena, we would like to take a closer look at manufacturing offshoring. In developed countries, “People Cost” is one of the most expensive line items in any business budget. So leveraging the wage difference between countries seemed like an obvious solution to keep the payroll cost under control. Thus, we began Offshore Outsourcing. Three areas affected by this trend are: manufacturing, information technology and business process. However in recent years, there has been a major push towards bringing outsourced manufacturing back home for various reasons. It is interesting to see whether the reasons that support this trend applicable to IT offshore outsourcing.