• Why Offshorent Happens to Be the Right Offshore Solution for SMBs and Startups?

      Offshore IT service has made great impact on the global industry through its unmatched capacity to produce outstanding outcomes within significantly low budget compared to onshore development models. It helps company to avoid spending huge amounts of money to build sophisticated IT infrastructure as well as the headaches of maintaining their own highly paid teams for development.With an offshore partner, you can be more focused on the execution of the project to complete it successfully within the prefixed schedule. That’s why it has become immensely popular and helped countries like India to emerge at the forefront of the global IT sector.

      However, so far, the problem with offshoring is the rarity of quality service providers who offer exclusive Offshore Development Center (ODC) and support to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) and startup firms. There was hardly any offshore service model targeting them. Although, offshore center can be an extremely viable option for small businesses to establish and progress, most of the services are not accessible for them due to large setup fees, maintenance charges and other intricate red-tapisms that are difficult to deal with. And most importantly, majority of the offshore centers do not let the client to hire their own ODC. The lack of efficient client support can also be problematic for SMBs or startups that do not have much experience in operating their center in another country. At this juncture, Offshorent has come up with its unprecedented ‘Offshore Center as a Service’ concept that has unveiled solutions for all these issues in offshoring facing by small to medium and beginning entrepreneurs. The features of the new model are devised to overcome the limitations of traditional offshoring to make it suitable for clients at any financial level.

      The major advantages one can gain from joining hands with Offshorent are: 1) Cost-Effectiveness, 2) Simple and Flexible Process, 3) Dedicated Team, and 4) Time Savings and above all 5) Control.
      Regardless of the budget a client has, Offshorent can give customized options which could exactly fit into your requirements. Even if you want to hire just one employee for a project, you can approach Offshorent without any hesitation. You only need to pay for the employees on monthly basis along with the initial set up and monthly management fees. If you do this instead of in-house development, the cost savings you can make will be amazingly huge. Moreover, all fees are very reasonable, and ensure up to 60% reduction in the cost when comparing with most other common offshore services.

      Another highlight is the facility to build a dedicated team for each client. Based upon one’s need, Offshorent helps the clients to interview the candidates from our talent pool to recruit the apt employees into their team. Client possesses the complete control over the team in the course of the project and will be relieved from the administration including payroll to help them stay in focus on the work. Moreover, in this agile method client can avoid extra costs for changes unforeseen in the planning stage of the project resulting in huge benefits differing from the traditional project oriented waterfall developmental model. This kind of flexibility assists the businesses to readjust the schedule and achieve time savings too. The facilities arranged at Offshorent’s development centre are supreme enough to make sure quality in all aspects. Fully equipped and well-managed 24/7 office, high-end security, full-fledged team together create great environment to accomplish your projects with perfection.


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