• Mobile Marketing – a key to e-Commerce Success

      The buzzword in today’s global retail business is e-Commerce. It’s become one of the fastest growing online businesses thanks to the co-occurring smartphone revolution. Many studies prove this inevitable relation of the present uprise and future success of e-Commerce with the surging popularity of smartphones across the world. So e-Commerce companies have shifted their focus to mobiles. Now, they are busy with innovating and applying new ideas for enhancing their business using mobiles.

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      The messages, the applications, advertisements, etc are now being shaped to fit the nature of mobile devices. Actually, mobile as a medium is now determining the nature of the global commerce. That’s how we have come to understand why Marshall McLuhan, the great visionary and communication theorist, said: “Medium is the message”.

      A study conducted by Digi-Capital establishes that mobile commerce is going to be the most crucial source of revenue by 2017. It will rise to $516 billion in 2017 from $133 billion in 2013. The revenue generated by consumer apps will be $ 74 billion. Ad revenue itself will be $42. As per their prediction more than half of overall e-Commerce will occur through mobiles within two years.

      So it’s getting highly important that marketers can communicate with potential customers with the right messages on right time. They could pitch the customers with strong, consistent messages and persuade them to initiate buying through their e-Commerce app. The studies by Other Levels show that the inconsistency in communication is the major issue behind the failures of marketers attempts to engage with consumers. The report indicates that sales and customer engagement increases with the number of messages they get. Well-timed, well-designed messages enhances the usage of app and thus the customers will get exposed to various offers, loyalty programs and promotions conducted by the company.

      Frequency of the messages is a vital matter as well. Proper follow-ups are necessary in boosting the response rates. A follow-up after 48 hours since the first message can increase the response rates from 36% to 66%, says the study by OtherLevels. But too many communication in shorter frequencies on the same topic will probably drive away the customers. Therefore it should be done with utmost care.


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