• Laravel – Your New Best Friend in PHP Frameworks – Top 7 Features

      Whenever we hire a new intern over here at Offshorent, as a PHP Developer, one of the most common questions we get asked is – “Which framework is the easiest to learn?”.


      And though the answers vary based on the Project Leader assigned, one of the most common answers we have given is – Laravel.

      With so many options out there on PHP frameworks to choose from – Yii, CodeIgniter, Phalcon etc, Laravel stands out among the lot for its simple, elegant and expressive syntax which helps create wonderful applications by easing out the development process. This is done by making simple the repetitive tasks used in the development of most web applications and the fact that it’s easier to pick up than other frameworks, even for a newbie.

      Adding to this list, Laravel is a breath of fresh air for solo developers and teams alike, with its database agnostic migrations and schema builder. Add to this, an amazing ORM, painless routing, powerful queue libraries and simple authentication, and you have an eloquent work of art in your hands.

      Moving on, we’d love to list the top 7 features of Laravel which makes it so appealing

      1. Excellent Documentation

      The documentation for Laravel has been written by its founder and main developer Mr Taylor Otwell himself. Talk about commitment! Explained bit-by-bit and with Otwell’s personal inputs in many cases, a strong documentation lays up the foundation for any Laravel aspirant.

      2.Template Engine

      Laravel’s framework can create amazing layouts with dynamic content, owing to its lightweight templates and widgets including JS & CSS Code with solid structures.

      3.Complete Libraries

      With Object Oriented Libraries and many others not found usually in other PHP Frameworks, including the likes of Authentication library, Laravel scores the game here too.

      4.Intuitive Syntax

      Taylor Otwell has adapted the principles from Robert Martin’s book, Clean Code, on code that is descriptive and focused on the task, leading to a more maintainable code. In Laravel for example, there is a trait that the AuthController uses named Registers Users, which has 2 methods – one shows the registration form and
      the other processes the registration

      5.Artisan Code Generation

      Laravel provides a built-in tool for command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment, called the Artisan. It can be used to create a skeleton code, its database structure and build the migration which then
      makes it very easy to manage the database system.

      6.MVC Architecture Support

      Following the MVC Pattern to ensure clarity between logic and presentation, Laravel’s this architecture helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation and has multiple built-in functions. The dependency injection allows one to code in contract, instead of a concrete class, thus making it easy to swap out implementations with minimal impact on code.


      And we finish off the list with the most important factor of all – Security. Laravel sues salted and hashed passwords – which comes to say that the password is never saved as plain text in its database, by using Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating the said encrypted version of the password.

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