• Kerala – The Perfect Place to Outsource Your IT Development

      Gods Own Country’ – this is how Kerala is named in the global tourism map. The alluring greenery of Western Ghats, the beauty of backwaters, and the warmth of the tropical climate altogether have made this small state in India one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Along with the thriving tourism industry, Kerala is now making its mark in IT development sector too. It has one of the rapidly growing IT industries in India. Large corporations that have already established huge campuses in Indian Metros are now moving towards Kerala to start new development centers. There are many important reasons that make it a favorite location for IT companies.

      “Kerala introduces itself as a many-layered contradiction between the mind and the eye. A closer look resolves the contradiction but the first impressions are of a paradox”- this is how Pran Chopra, the former editor of The Statesman, described Kerala. This small state of 39000 square kilometer is an enigmatic reality to sociologists and political scientists all over the world because of its above stated paradoxical nature. There is no other place in the world that could make the remarkable achievements that ensure the social welfare with such a minimal financial backing. The Kerala model has been discussed and extensively studied by economists across the world due to this uniqueness. Its achievements in social development are astonishing.

      Kerala Perfect Place to Outsource IT Development
      Image courtesy: www.prathidhwani.org

      The social development indicators shows the living conditions in Kerala are comparable to that of developed countries. It has the highest rank among Indian States in United Nations’ Human Development Index. Kerala is one of the top 3 states in the Education Development Index (EDI). Its adult literacy rate is 94.59 percent and the highest in India. This is remarkable when compared to the 65 percent literacy rate in India. It could reach this level by promoting education and make the facilities available to people from all sections of the society. Life expectancy at birth in Kerala is 75 years while it is 64 years in India. Like in the developed world, life expectancy of females is more than that of males. The credit of this success is to the efficient public healthcare system, which is the best in the country. Kerala, India’s the most peaceful state, is also way ahead of most others in gender and caste equality, and public hygiene. All these development indices show that Kerala is almost close to the standards of human living conditions in developed nations. However, if we assume Kerala as an independent nation, its per capita income level will make it the 11th poorest country of the world! That is the magic of ‘Kerala Model’ of development.

      IT companies prefer Kerala due to not only the better social conditions, but also the availability of highly qualified workforce, comparatively low expenditure for infrastructure development and low cost of living and employee attrition rates compared to metros like Bangalore, Bombay, Chennai, etc. Another most significant factor is the influence of the West on its culture, education and democratic attributes. Keralites are very tolerant and ready to imbibe the qualities of different cultures. So businesses from US and Europe can easily make strong rapport with employees in offshore development centers in Kerala. It can assure them an excellent work force from a unique place with a great culture.


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