• A Journey Through Amazing Offshore Locations

      To explore and discover new spectacular offshore locations always help to expand and grow the business into new level. Aspiration and inspiration for new offshore geographies is basically driven by a range of some valuable factors, from searching new sources of talent to risk mitigation and cost savings, innovation, and local market information along with its access.

      Offshore locations

      If we would look at three largest economies from Latin America as outsourcing countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. From these we can understand that Latin America presents a very attractive location, especially for US as well as Canadian companies. Even though there is considerable variation in the suitability between different nations. Some of the findings of a study conducted include:

      ?As an attracting offshore location Brazil has incredible strengths with its size, wealth of IT skills, and number of effective local service providers like BRQ and Ci&T along with Stefanini etc. Most service providers are concentrated on the domestic market. It is quite clear that they don


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