• How to integrate Magento 2 with Web APIs from a POS system?

      When we work with Magneto 2, we face a gateway of opportunities. However, to realise a lot of these we need integration. An integration goes forward to ensure that third party services are able to call the Web APIs. The Magneto APIs out of the box support services such as Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and marketing automation systems.


      Here are commonly used methods to integrate Magneto 2 with Web APIs from a POS System:

      1. The Magento 2 POS extension by Magestore can be used to integrate Magneto 2 with Web APIs from a POS System at the click of a mouse. It basically turns your entire ecommerce website into a convenient POS across all devices. This way you are able to sell both in store and on the go with minimal issue. With an offline mode feature, it can even run smoothly as a native app. It even lets you achieve full control of the Retail System by Integration with other extensions from Magestore that you are mostly likely to be already using – for instance Reward Points, Gift Card, Store Credit etc. Your Loyalty program remains intact at the entrance of POS. This extension as mentioned before behaves like a native app in all its functionality and interface. So your customers can enjoy a smooth checkout, super quick transactions, a range of flexible discount options, convenient in-store payment methods, and tailored approach to all shipment and delivery. This way you can sell literally anywhere and everywhere!

      2. Bridge connect / other web designer built extensions: With the Magneto Enterprise Edition, the most popular extension to integrate Magneto 2 with Web APIs from a POS system has been the Bridge Connect in the past – a service specifically tailor made to integrate with common ERP packages. Stable between upgrades, it let you maintain your existing upgrade path. As its availability became an issue, certain web designers have also built their own versions of Magneto POS Extensions and put it up for sale. This is because of the growing demand of online commerce and consequently more web stores requiring integration with back-end services.

      3. Magneto 2 by itself can export .csv files. These in turn can be imported into Quickbooks (or for that matter any other RMS/POS software).In the most simplistic of situations, the Magneto Admin Sales Interface works wonders too. From taking Credit Card payments, managing and arranging shipments – your orders remain well lined up. There are also several web services by Magneto 2 that does the task if you house it within ERP.

      4. The Store Manager for Magneto provides a comprehensive solution to store owners and is a popular extension at present. It is quite the winner as of now, as it automates POS processes and store operations while also providing centralized control for multi-stores and integrates with other popular services such as Quickbooks, Peachtree and other popular services. It features a good enough interface. It also integrates well within Magento thereby allowing rapid inventory updating. Two popular methods of using ‘point of sale’ functionality: manual method and via barcode scanner are offered by it as well.

      The above are what is categorised as off the shelf integrations. These usually focus on a set of commonly used key areas and may not cater to your needs 100 percent. In order to bring on board Web APIs from a POS system, you could also implement simple integrations. These require scant knowledge of PHP or Magneto processes (internal). But they do need working knowledge of Authentications such as that of Web API and OAuth based authentication and Magneto REST or SOAP Web APIs. Ofcourse ensure that you have a working installation of Magneto 2.0 and the suite of Magneto System Requirements.

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