• IMPORTANCE of Training in an Organizational Platform

      Training is the process of enhancing the knowledge and skills for doing particular task. It is an organized procedure through which employees can learn knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. The purpose of training is basically to bridge the gap between job requirements and present competence of an employee. Training is relevant in an organization in the context of following things which may derive from a training program to benefit the organization. They are;

      IMPORTANCE of Training in an Organizational Platform

      Higher Productivity

      Training improves the level of performance. Trained employees perform superbly by using a better method of work. It is true that well-planned and well executed training programs can provide wonderful results for the companies by enhancing the effectiveness of the employees.

      Better Quality of Work

      As far as formal training is concerned the best methods are standardized and taught to employees. Uniformity of work methods and procedures helps to improve the quality of product or service. Trained employees are less likely to make operational mistakes.

      Less Learning Period

      A systematic training program helps to reduce the time as well as cost involved in learning. Employees can more rapidly reach the acceptable level of performance. They need not waste their time and efforts in learning through trial and error.

      Cost Reduction

      Trained employees make more economical use of materials and machinery. Reduction is wastage and spoilage together with increase in productivity help to minimize cost of operations per unit. Trained workers can bring more profit to the company by performing well and utilizing the efforts in right channel.

      Reduced Supervision

      Well-trained employees tend to be self-reliant and motivated. They need less guidance and control. As a result supervisory burden can be reduce considerably. The big advantage will be more accurate results without more supervision and control by the management.

      Personal Growth

      Training enlarges the knowledge and skills of the participants. As a result well trained personnel can grow faster in their career. Training prevents obsolescence of knowledge and skills. Trained employees are more valuable asset to any organization. Training helps to develop people for promotion to higher.

      Training is a continuous process. In every organization proper training should be designed for it’s employees. Because it sharpen the skills and bring more effectiveness in the form of full fledged functioning of the company.


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