• Hurricane Haiyan adversely hit Philippine’s Outsourcing Business

      The recent scenarios in Philippines associated with outsourcing sector has been very positive. But unfortunately after a typhoon slammed into the Philippines recently causing a severe multitude of destruction across the country, a considerable number of BPO companies have temporarily halted its functions.

      As per the statistics available, about 720,000 people evacuated from the cities as well as urban areas in the typhoon’s path. It is said that some of this part of the areas affected are still without electricity and it may take some time more to bring everything in order. But an even a small lag can bring problems to the flow of outsourcing venture.

      Philippine's Outsourcing

      Jose Mari P. Mercado, President of BPAP says that companies were prioritizing the safety of their workforce who would have experienced issues in commuting to work in the midst of the dangerous weather.

      Plenty of BPO firms located within the typhoon’s path such as Cebu as well as Ioilo have almost certainly faced problems and although BPAP have yet to access the influence of Haiyan, with some firms forced to shut down along with others on lean operations the outsourcing sector has certainly been affected, mentioned by Mercado.

      The present picture of this part of the world is worst considering the net loss as whole. Despite the severity of the circumstances, some BPO centers are still managing to proceed their operations amidst the aftermath of the cruel storm.

      In a clear and crisp statement given about dangerous Haiyan’s effect on its Philippines operations in Manila along with Cebu, US-centered customer contact management solutions provider named Sykes Enterprises Inc opinioned that the issues from the typhoon has been immaterial, given the company’s effective disaster recovery planning along with the built-in redundant support infrastructure.

      Actually Philippines as an outsourcing destination was going pretty well. The present scenario is definitely not good but let us hope they will recover soon and reestablish their lost momentum in the Outsourcing sector.


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