• A Huge Makeover Is Awaiting Offshore Outsourcing in 2013 – IT Outsourcing Trends in 2013

      Experts predict that outsourcing will wake up strong from the downturn it took in 2012. If their forecast is correct, 2013 will sweep this temporary slump off and bring more growth and progress in global outsourcing sector. As outsourcing contracts worth more than $50 billion are about to be renewed this year, offshore outsourcing sector will witness the rise of many new trends too.

      An article published in CIO.com, analyses the industry’s current development and gives a brief view of the trends that are expected to change the traditional outsourcing. Stephanie Overby says the the growth will not be restricted to the financial aspects only. Instead, offshore outsourcing business will be go through a makeover which will change the strategies, methods, technologies, and almost everything related to the sector.


      To Read the complete article, click the link: 9 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2013


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