• How to promote your last minute holiday sale?

      Holiday sale is an outstanding opportunity for enhancing your eCommerce sales. However, its success depends upon how you promote the holiday sale. If you cannot attract potential customers to your website, it will be wasted.

      Promote holiday last minute sale

      Here are some tips and tricks for you to market the last minute holiday sale, and bring in more and more customers to make it a success.

      a. Promote your holiday sale messages through social media channels. You can use tools like buffer to manage this work on holidays since you might be out of office. Using such tools, you can schedule tweets, Facebook posts, pins before you close down your office for holidays.

      b. You need to publish a notice sitewide. This will help users know about the holiday sale you have set up. Clicking on the HTML link on your notice, they will be directed to the offer sale you have arranged for your customers on holidays.

      c. You can integrate in-cart notices and add call to action buttons. Through which a customer can get messages about free gifts or other offers, before he checks out. Therefore he will be tempted to go for another purchase to get that gift or offer. This will increase your revenue.

      d. If you are planning to mark down any product, customize that page with more designs and graphics so that it will get your customers’ attention easily.

      e. You can also run a Facebook ad to get customers who have visited your website but get distracted back to you website. Setting up a compelling Facebook ad is a good strategy to bring them back to your website.

      f. A well planned email campaign with a well-crafted message is an inevitable option to increase traffic to your website during holiday sale. A good copy and neatly designed and attractive template are essential to make it a success. This will definitely be a feasible strategy although you need to put in some extra effort to execute it effectively.

      Include all these points into your marketing strategy for holiday sale. It will definitely produce favourable outcome. If you don’t have a good marketing team, time or human resources to execute such a campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Offshorent, we have a highly experienced digital marketing team that can assure you an outstanding eCommerce marketing services.


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