• How Handpicking Employees Helps you Gain the Maximum Control over the Development Process?

      A comparative analysis of development processes in dedicated and traditional offshore models

      Dedicated offshore centers, in stark contrast to what traditional IT outsourcing services do, allow you to handpick the employees of your team. This strategy helps a client to obtain maximum control over the course of his project development.

      In traditional outsourcing services, client has no involvement in building up the team that works on his project. The process is linear (See Diagram 1), and it reduces client’s role in almost all aspects of project development, except choosing the offshore service provider. Here, after opting for a service, you have to handover your requirements to them. It is their duty to appoint a project manager under whose control the team that does your work operates. Client, usually, does not have any idea of his team members except the manager, the only communication point in the group. Although, you will be updated regularly about the progress, your chance of interfering into the development process is minimal. As the process is focusing on projects, you may not be able to make changes in requirements or experiment with the development. Everything works in a preset plan that consequently eliminates the flexibility from this method.

      However, all these issues can be easily overcome with dedicated offshore centers. In this model, the offshore service provider plays a supportive role in building completely dedicated offshore centers. They help clients to handpick employees from their resource pool to get a team involved only in their projects. Therefore, you can ensure the quality of the staff, their adaptability to your requirements, and thus, the capability to accomplish the project. A client also possesses the control over the retention of employees. If they want to replace a member, they have the right to do it with the wholehearted support from the service provider. Here everything regarding the project development goes through you: decisions, strategies, methodologies, and so on. At the same time, service provider manages the hassles of the administrational tasks including payroll so that you can keep focus entirely on the development and team activities. You can communicate with each team member, and thus carry out things quickly and perfectly through the way you want. In dedicated offshore centers, the focus is shifted to clients from the preplanned project, and gives them superior control over the process. (See Diagram 2)

      The process of dedicated offshore development is designed specifically for small to medium businesses (SMB) and startups. There are many drawbacks to the traditional model making it unaffordable and impractical to them. Look at the table below to know how dedicated offshoring becomes a viable option for your IT business development.

      These advantages of dedicated offshoring give ample opportunities for SMBs and startups to grow their business efficiently and cost-effectively. To know more about how Offshorent builds dedicated development centers, and helps you recruit your team, contact us now.


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