• Guidelines to effectively build and manage IT outsourcing contracts

      Are you getting the result worth what you pay to offshore vendor? How can you make sure that your investment is used by your offshore outsourcing service center with care? An article by Sunny Gupta, published in CFO.com gives you a better insight into this very important matter.

      Sunny Gupta observes that most of the companies struggle hard to manage IT outsourcing contracts. It is getting more and more complex. Lack of transparency and inadequate integration make traditional outsourcing contracts less cost-effective. Therefore, companies who outsource IT services should be careful in ensuring more transparency in the utilization of their investment. Here, author gives some guidelines to make effective contracting policy while you outsource.

      However, this problem occurs and becomes critical only with traditional outsourcing models that do not have sufficient transparency in almost all aspects of the process. In traditional outsourcing model, clients lack control over the recruitment of employees, project development and team management. The vendor controls everything. But, the model of Offshorent’s offshore outsourcing solves all these issues. In our method, we support clients to do everything including recruitment and team management. In addition, we take over the headaches of routine management tasks to ensure that our clients can focus fully on their teams and projects. Contact us to know how you can start a safe and cost-efficient outsourcing contract with Offshorent.

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