• Great IT Hiring Tips to Take in the Best Talent to Your Team

      The success of every venture lies in the quality of the team putting it up. It is true in case of Offshore IT development too. So it must be given supreme priority over all other factors including cost while approaching an offshore vendor for setting up your office in a remote location. If you can’t build a team that works in tune with your plans and expectations, everything will go in vain for sure. The team should be capable of achieving your goals.

      Therefore, before filling up your IT positions, you need to take care of certain things that will help you take the right decision. In an article published in CIO, Phil Schneidermeyer lucidly explains some highly useful rules formed by Nathan Brown, Senior Director of Information Technology and Production Operations at Care.com. Out of his tremendous career profile and immense experience in IT workforce development, Nathan coined six rules that he strictly follows when hiring new talents and building his team. They are:

      1. Don’t hire out of desperation.

      2. Never ignore a red flag.

      3. Personality fit matters.

      4. Skill sets are sometimes less important.

      5. Involve team leaders in the process.

      6. Interview all potential internal hires before an offer is made, even if they won’t report directly to you.

      Author elaborates every point further in the article. The article is highly engaging and informative, and will be helpful for hiring managers and decision makers in every company. Offshorent’s success stands as a testimonial for the above points. To read the article completely, click here.


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