• Google may launch new photo sharing service at its I/O developers conference

      As Google’s annual I/O developer’s conference is about to start in San Francisco, Google is all set to unveil its new photo sharing service which will help users share photos directly through Facebook and Twitter. According to Bloomberg , the new service will not be linked to its social network service, Google Plus. It reinforces the speculation that Google is to separate photo services from Google Plus.


      The launch of the new service is to woo users who are now mostly using its rival Facebook and its mobile app, Instagram for photo sharing. Google hope that the greater the autonomy of the service, the more is its chance to gain popularity.

      Another highlight of the conference may be the launch of Android M version. As some reports, Google is expected to give more privacy controls related to apps and permissions in the new version. In addition to Android M, fans also expect an announcement on Android Wear.


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