• Fast, Cheap, Accurate – A Success Mantra to Outsourcing Business

      The term Fast refers to the time required to deliver the product or services. Accuracy is the quality of the output, and the term Cheap refers to the net cost of the process of designing as well as providing the services. This valuable triangle clearly indicates the fact that the three relevant properties of a project are correlated.

      In any business if you want to be successful you need to be consistent and the IT Outsourcing is not an exception to this. IT Outsourcing is an effective and profit oriented business. Intense competition is one of the notable features of IT Outsourcing. But the challenge will be in this field to provide the best services at a reliable price without compromise to quality.

      Success Mantra to Outsourcing Business

      How can it be possible?

      If it is, how can we tackle the situation? It is not easy, but at the same time not impossible either. As far as project management in IT Outsourcing is concerned, speed is key to complete it within the time limit. In other words you need to be fast. If you need to be fast, your Human Resource should be pro-active rather than reactive. Along with the excellent skills and a proper work plan and also implementation of the plan will be key to getting the desired result in a fast way.

      But when you act fast, generally you have to compromise with your accuracy and the end result will be the compromise to the actual quality. But the accuracy can be achieved even though if you would move fast. It can be possible by undertaking the following things.

      • Properly schedule the work
      • Assign duties and responsibilities among the employees
      • Make the work force understand the urgency of the work and motivate them to do well
      • Set certain standards for the quality and always track the efforts in such a way to attain the earlier set goals
      • Work with great focus and team spirit
      • Select the appropriate method to complete the project
      • Discuss among the team the progress of project and ensure the quality in every stage

      If you could manage or cover the areas of speed and accuracy, the next factor will be delivering the services at a cheap rate. Here is the real challenge associated with IT Outsourcing to face. It will be attainable by keeping an eye on the following areas.

      • Proper allocation of resources like People, Technology etc.
      • Optimum utilization of the available resources
      • Try to avoid mistakes and concentrate hard to bring perfection at very first attempt itself
      • Proper budgeting
      • Give priorities first to difficult tasks and ensure completion of project within the planned budget

      IT Outsourcing business is all about proper time as well as resources management. Here the factors like proper control as well as proper coordination play pivot role for the success of business. So working out effectively the equation of Fast + Accurate + Cheap will assist the corporation to gain the desired results while outsourcing.


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