• Essential Checklist to Find an ideal Offshore Service Provider

      There is a number of offshore development or back office operations models exists in the market place. If the client is engaged in a long term or a “retainer” relationship with an offshore company, here are the ten essential factors that you need to check before hiring one.

      1. Are you a part of hiring the resources who work for you?

      If not, your project might end up as disastrous. You are the only one who can understand your expectations about all aspects of a resource clearly. Therefore, to get the perfect employee in your mind, the offshore service provider should let you choose one among the candidates. No one can achieve perfection without a workforce that he can rely upon completely.

      2. Do you get total authority in employee retention?

      Even a great recruitment process may fail sometimes. However, that does not mean that you have to retain an employee who you are not satisfied with. So, you must ask the outsourcing service whether they will give you the right to fire a resource, if you will not be happy with their performance or comfortable with their personal attributes.

      3. Do they assure you 100% Control over development team and process?

      You must have complete control over the process and team to carry out the project the way you want. Therefore, you can select and control your resources, timings, deadlines, and everything. If an offshore development service is not willing to do so, you must have a rethought on hiring them. It is your project, not theirs. So you are the one who decides how it should move on.

      4. Is your offshore service provider fully transparent?

      Transparency in the dealings of your offshore service provider is an inevitable element in making a good rapport. That helps you get confidence in your offshore vendor, and communicate whatever issues you find disturbing in their offshore solutions.

      5. Does your offshore service provider has local presence?

      It will be better, if you can contact, meet and discuss your requirements with your offshore service provider directly. This will help you get more understanding about them and their business. Moreover, the personal acquaintance will make the collaboration easier and communication faster.

      6. Do they provide multiple channels of communication?

      Communication has the most crucial role in the success of any project, especially, when it is being done through offshore method. A good offshore center always provides various channels of communications including video, chats, phone, etc. It will be highly useful, if your offshore service provider gives you a phone access to their office in your country.

      7. Does your offshore service provider do all daily management tasks?

      Administrational tasks create headaches and move you away from the most important thing – your projects. So you have to choose dedicated offshore service providers who takes out that burden from your shoulders. And let you concentrate only on accomplishing your projects with perfection.

      8. Does their offshore development center have top-notch facilities?

      Another important thing in your concern should be the quality of infrastructure and facilities at the offshore center. You must check whether it has 24/7 operational capability, biometric building access, surveillance systems, employee monitoring mechanisms, high-speed internet connectivity, VLAN facility, etc. Lack of good facilities, will negatively affect your project development.

      9. Does your offshore service provider charge reasonably?

      This is the most difficult thing to assess immediately. As there are countless offshore service providers, you cannot easily reach an answer. You may get same service at different rates. But if you aim at reducing the money factor only, it may reduce the quality too. So, you should look at it from both perspectives – cost and quality. Then choose the right offshore service provider that gives you the best quality for the most affordable price.

      10. Does your offshore service provider’s profit model charge you high, and pay the resources working on your project low?

      If yes, then maximizing the profit does not look good for two of three stakeholders: You, the client and the resources who work on your project. A good model should work just the opposite. It should be a win-win for these two stake holders. Knowing how much your offshore resources make can be one indication of the presence of a good model.


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