• 4 Ecommerce Email Marketing Opportunities in the 2nd Quarter of 2016

      Email marketing is an essential strategy in eCommerce. Consistent and creative email marketing can be fruitful in generating more sales and building customer loyalty. “Email is definitely not dead. As most you may know by now, I’m a big fan of marketing in the year that we live in. And so, email remains to be a very killer opportunity”, says Gary Vaynerchuk, the celebrated digital marketing guru. So you need to make use of every opportunity you come across for launching an effective email marketing campaign. Let’s see some ideal occasions in the second quarter of 2016 for you to plan and execute email campaigns.  

      1. April Fools’ Day
      April Fool’s day is an outstanding opportunity to launch a creative email campaign. Email is one of the best ways to propagate the content you develop for celebrations. So get some out-of-the box ideas that can surprise your customers. Give them some great offers and make your content compelling. ‘The Keyless Keyboard’ by Google Japan was one of the best April Fool’s Day hoax. Such campaigns can entertain your customers and convert them to your followers.

      So let’s have some brainy team discussions and come up with a stunning April Fool’s Day campaign.

      2. Mother’s Day
      May 8 is the day we celebrate for honoring mothers. We all want to present gifts to our mothers on this day. So you can promote your sails by sending gift ideas, offers, last-minute sales mails, etc. It will be good if you use inbound marketing strategies which do not contain persuasive sales content. Instead create beautiful content that your target audience will love and share. This can enhance your branding and eventually the sales. Here is a nice example done by Hallmark on International Mother’s Day.

      3. Memorial Day Sale
      Memorial Day, which honors the people who died while they were in military service, is very important for every US citizen. It stays too close to their hearts. Brilliant email campaigns on Memorial Day can enhance your holiday sale. You need to develop creative content and materials to spread among your potential customers. Start the campaign weeks before the day.  You can think of contests, flash sales, exciting discounts and offers to promote the campaign.
      4. Father’s Day
      This year’s Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 19. You can follow almost the similar pattern you prepared for Mother’s Day. Send email to customers about gift suggestions, ideas, offers, discounts, and last-minute mails. Also try to make some creatives that can be funny and touching. Give them content that they can love and share and show them ways on how to celebrate the day.

      This is a Father’s Day campaign idea launched by Wooplr:



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