• Dedicated Offshore Centers versus Traditional Models

      A few years ago, could you imagine of starting an offshore center with just one employee? Was it possible for a startup or SMB to build its own offshore development center? The then scenario in offshore sector was not favorable for small players, although it might be a feasible option for them to establish their businesses instead of building onsite development centers. The cost required for hiring an offshore IT service, their project oriented approaches instead of client focused methods, and rigidity in processes made it inaccessible and less profitable. These issues limited the potential of the concept of offshoring to grow farther and wider. So to overcome the limitations of traditional model, a new approach called Dedicated Offshore Development Center has been introduced recently. Within a short span of time, it has become very popular, especially among small to medium businesses and startups. And the demand is surging rapidly.

      ‘A Revolution within the Revolution’ – One who knows the degree of impact that dedicated offshore centers have made on the offshore industry which itself once redefined the global IT business; this might not seem like a hyperbole. Dedicated offshore service, as its name implies, ensures higher degree of personalization and commitment for clients compared with what they get through traditional offshore models. It is based upon the concept of providing completely dedicated team for each client. This method is hugely beneficial for you as:

      • You can make 30-60% savings in cost compared with building and maintaining an onsite development center or hiring a traditional outsourcing provider.
      • Dedicated OCDs offer cutting edge infrastructure with well managed office space equipped with hardware, software, and high-end telecom facilities.
      • You have complete authority of selecting their own employees with skills, knowledge and experience that exactly match the requirements.
      • You also have the ultimate control over the retention of recruited staff. You can immediately replace if any team member is unable to meet your expectations.
      • You are assured of 24/7 service ensuring immediate reachability.
      • Dedicated Offshoring has the capacity to scale operations faster than other models.
      • You are provided with ultimate freedom on managing their works and thus can go for improvisations at anytime they want.
      • Dedicated OCDs have management teams that are very well-informed of your business, systems and processes.
      • You have the right to opt team’s working hours to bring into line with your time zone.
      • It helps you focus only on your goals as all other chores of administration including payroll will be managed by the service provider.
      • The highlight of dedicated offshore development is the control it gives you over the team and operations.

      All the above characteristics are inherent in this new model of offshoring. Its demand is rising day-by-day due to its agility and flexibility to accommodate the needs of small and medium businesses (SMB) and startups. Dedicated offshoring has been proved as a viable option for larger companies too. It successfully removes many headaches in traditional model through improved process, less cost and better results. Dedicated offshore centers charge only fixed monthly cost (salary for employees + maintenance cost) and no overhead. It upholds the motto –‘do more with less’.


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