• Customer Service: The Problems Faced in Offshore Outsourcing

      As in other business’s, Offshore Outsourcing requires the cushioning of result oriented Customer Service to produce the maximum result for clients. The great focus and attractive communication are the whole mark of productive customer service. But in certain cases as a result of inappropriate customer service, companies face serious difficulties.

      Customer Service in Offshore Outsourcing
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      Here you can find some of the major problems in Offshore Outsourcing in connection with Customer Service.

      • Linguistic Issues: In many companies, due to lack of proficiency in English bring notable issues in Customer Service. East is East and West is West, there will be cultural differences. These language problems may lead to confusion and misunderstandings and ineffective relationship with the clients.  In certain situation, say an example a Quality Analyst who speaks with the client, as result of improper understandings may give wrong information to developer. These situations should be eliminated if you need to have a proper system of Customer Service.
      • Lack of Coordination and Delay in Communications: The faults in the sphere of coordination as well as delay in communication, may adversely affect the quality of Customer Service. In Offshore Outsourcing, proper coordination is crucial for the net success of the company in many ways. At the same time, delay in communications must be avoided to ensure a smooth relationship with the clients.
      • Absence of Proper and Constant Reporting: If you will not follow strict and constant reporting systems, there will be an impact on your business. Timely reporting is one of the main features of effective customer service. This is also considered as a problem faced by many Offshore Outsourcing agencies associated and  Customer Service.
      • Lack of Loyalty and dedication from the Customer Service team: In many cases irresponsible employees may destroy the good reputation of company by offering low quality customer service. This is a big issue in customer service, results from the lack of loyalty and dedication on behalf of the people who communicate with the valuable clients in Offshore Outsourcing.
      • Unclear information about the requirements of clients: The low quality Customer Service may pave way into the problem of wrong information about the requirement of clients. Bad communication may lead to utter misunderstandings and business failure. As a result the information in regards to the project requirements should be clear. It will be possible by quality communication by skilled personnel.


      These problems resulted from Customer Service can be minimized by concentrating on implementing the following things.

      • Provide excellent training  to employees with a purpose to  improve the communication
      • Practice proper coordination of the work in consistent basis
      • Work based on strict deadlines
      • Practice the system of Constant Reporting to the clients related to the progress of the work.

      Customer Service is an important part Offshore Outsourcing Business. It will be necessary to eliminate the difficulties in this sphere to survive by considering the strong competition on Outsourcing field.


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