• Cloud Computing Is Not A Killer! Instead, It Gives a More Critical Role to IT Outsourcing

      Is there any way to access IT services as easily as one can access electricity? Now, many have already started pointing at cloud computing as the answer. Cloud computing is defined as a utility model of computing capacity that will redefine the way the organizations function and deliver services for clients now. It also has certain definitive impacts on the outsourcing services. However, the opinions hailing it as a weapon to bring about the death of outsourcing are conveniently ignoring some significant facts.

      These facts are examined in an article written together by Jack Sepple, Accenture’s global cloud computing lead, and Bhaskar Ghosh, global lead of Application Outsourcing for Accenture. Although cloud computing can make a few aspects of IT easier, they say that it creates a complex and multi-sourced system. That environment requires the integration of the various components to be dealt with more importance. So instead of keeping outsourcing services out of IT services and depending completely on Cloud will turn things more complicated than before. In fact, cloud computing provides the outsourcers and integrators more crucial roles and opens up new avenues.

      To read the complete article, click the link: Outsourcing Will Assume a More Defined Role in the Cloud Era


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