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    We believe the most informed clients are the best clients. One of our core values is to provide 100% transparency of our model and business practices, and also be a resource to provide ongoing insights into industry best practices, trends and enlightening observations by industry experts.

    • Usefulness-vs-Usability

      Usability Vs Usefulness – Which is more important for a startup?

      Nowadays, usability is often considered as one of the most important aspect while developing an application. Every company, whether it’s small or big, is striving hard to develop software products having outstanding usability.

    • startup team building

      How can you build a winning team for your startup?

      In a recent study on startup failures published by CB Insights, they have analyzed over 100 post-mortem essays by startup founders and provided some great insights into the deep-rooted problems of startups. According to their findings, the most important factor is the lack of understanding of market needs. Almost 42% startups considered this as the biggest issue. While ‘financial constraints’ stands on the second position, ‘the difficulty in building the right team’ is the third important factor as it accounts for the failure of 23% of the startups. When does team building become a hurdle before startups? The issue appears in different ways and in different situations. So let’s examine each scenario separately. 1. The smartphone boom makes a highly tempting call for aspiring youngsters to turn into entrepreneurship and thus stand on their own feet. Usually, what they only have are new ideas, and what they don’t have are financial backing, and experience in marketing, research, management and team building. Among these the most crucial obstacles are finding budget to build infrastructure and hiring employees . 2. To set it rolling, they will arrange limited budget, and set up the office and team somehow. Most probably, it will evaporate … Read more

    • SEVEN Tenets to Boost Employee Effectiveness in 2015

      Employees are always considered as the core element of any organization. They are the light and oxygen of a company. They have an important role to define the success of a company and it depends on the factors such as their attitude, commitment, and self belief towards the firm. An Organization should know how to handle and care for their employees. Employers should formulate proper retention strategies to keep employees for long period of time to get an excellent outcome. Both the employees and employers should go hand in hand to achieve their milestones. The best way to motivate an employee is reward him in advance and the reaction from your employees will be truly positive. Success comes through collective efforts and let us start 2015 with new mindset. Here are the Seven Tenets to follow employees to become effective employees. Enjoy the Work It is very important to find the fun in the way you work. If you could have similar attitude towards your work, doing everything with plenty of passion and enthusiasm, you will never hate your job and the result will be; better productivity and consistent improvement to boost your career further. Start Appreciating Yourself As an … Read more

    • How to motivate the workforce to Higher Productivity?

      The greatest asset of an organization is it’s manpower. Proper utilization of manpower plays a pivot role in the success of any business venture. The way how you make use of the human capital in optimum to get the desired results is the prime concern in the consistent and continuous journey of the Company. An able management should have proper ideas about how to motivate their workforce to contribute well. Motivation is defined as something inside people that drives them to action. It varies from person to person. The motivation for a person to perform a particular task will be different from another one. An efficient management always adopts proper strategy to enhance the productivity of employees. The failure of many companies underlines the relevant fact that they all lacked the trick of efficient and effective management of Human Capital. Here you can find some steps to motivate your workforce to contribute well. Employee Appreciation  Employee appreciation is clearly considered as one of the most relevant aspects in running an organization, along with maintaining a smooth environment in it. Today, the whole world celebrate employee appreciation weeks. The companies, who value their employees, dedicate one week in the year to … Read more