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    • How dedicated outsourcing can reduce startup failures?

      Team building is always a difficult task for startups. Most of the startups cannot afford the traditional models of team building both financially and strategically. This infographics explains how dedicated offshore outsourcing can be the right remedy for startups in getting great talents in the initial and growing stages.

    • startup team building

      How can you build a winning team for your startup?

      In a recent study on startup failures published by CB Insights, they have analyzed over 100 post-mortem essays by startup founders and provided some great insights into the deep-rooted problems of startups. According to their findings, the most important factor is the lack of understanding of market needs. Almost 42% startups considered this as the biggest issue. While ‘financial constraints’ stands on the second position, ‘the difficulty in building the right team’ is the third important factor as it accounts for the failure of 23% of the startups. When does team building become a hurdle before startups? The issue appears in different ways and in different situations. So let’s examine each scenario separately. 1. The smartphone boom makes a highly tempting call for aspiring youngsters to turn into entrepreneurship and thus stand on their own feet. Usually, what they only have are new ideas, and what they don’t have are financial backing, and experience in marketing, research, management and team building. Among these the most crucial obstacles are finding budget to build infrastructure and hiring employees . 2. To set it rolling, they will arrange limited budget, and set up the office and team somehow. Most probably, it will evaporate … Read more

    • A Journey Through Amazing Offshore Locations

      To explore and discover new spectacular offshore locations always help to expand and grow the business into new level. Aspiration and inspiration for new offshore geographies is basically driven by a range of some valuable factors, from searching new sources of talent to risk mitigation and cost savings, innovation, and local market information along with its access. If we would look at three largest economies from Latin America as outsourcing countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. From these we can understand that Latin America presents a very attractive location, especially for US as well as Canadian companies. Even though there is considerable variation in the suitability between different nations. Some of the findings of a study conducted include: ?As an attracting offshore location Brazil has incredible strengths with its size, wealth of IT skills, and number of effective local service providers like BRQ and Ci&T along with Stefanini etc. Most service providers are concentrated on the domestic market. It is quite clear that they don

    • An Overview on Threats to Indian Outsourcing by New U.S. Immigration Bill

      An Overview on Threats to Indian Outsourcing by New U.S. Immigration Bill The future of Indian outsourcing is in trouble due to an upcoming new American immigration bill. It is expected by Indian companies that it would expected to limit the amount of foreign workers they can bring to the United States. Based on the relevant information it is clear that The Senate immigration bill, which has been currently pending in the United States Congress. After 2014 the firms that employ more than 75 percent of their workers in the U.S. on temporary visas clearly will not be granted new H-1B visas, and along with that by 2016 that threshold will be brought down to 50 percent. This particular bill does not precisely target Indian outsourcing firms, but foreign employees typically make up 50 to 75 percent of these firms’ staff in the United States, the legislation will definitely limit their practice of hiring. The mentioned bill presents another significant issue for Indian companies: foreign workers on temporary visas would not be permitted to work on outplacements. The Indian IT industry is looking for what happens next. Like many other companies, India is watching the developments of the proposed immigration … Read more

    • Benefits and Limitations of Offshore Outsourcing

      Offshore outsourcing is valued by firms because of certain benefits. What are the expected benefits? Let us see one by one. Benefits Cost Savings Follow the Sun- Extended hours of operations Skill gap fulfillment Faster Delivery Assign internal resources on high value tasks Outsource low value, repetitive tasks Increased innovation Boost productivity Limitations Need a thorough understanding of the process Need well defined process flows Clear communication is needed Often well written documentation and clear definition is need Need to manage well Need clear expectations on both sides

    • The Typical Reasons behind IT Outsourcing

      IT outsourcing is getting relevance in the context of its positive impact on business. The momentum of IT sphere associated with its growth is really appreciable. There are some strong reasons behind the amazing growth of IT Outsourcing. What are they? Let us see one by one. Better company focus. It‘s not always practical to concentrate well on all aspects of business. But Outsourcing helps you focus on your main competencies at the same time another company focuses on theirs. Attain access to amazing capabilities. Your return on investment is more when you outsource information technology to a company that specializes in the area you need. Here you would have the benefit from the collective experience and efforts of an IT team. Outsourced IT firms usually need their IT staff to have appropriate industry training along with the certifications. Lack of internal availability of resources. On the flip side, maybe you don’t have proper personnel in your company who can effectively manage your IT requirements, and hiring a new employee is not in the budget. Outsourcing can be a feasible alternative, both for the interim as well as for the long-term. Reliable on facing tough situations. This is definitely a fact that when outsourcing … Read more