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    • 4 Ecommerce Email Marketing Opportunities in the 2nd Quarter of 2016

      Email marketing is an essential strategy in eCommerce. Consistent and creative email marketing can be fruitful in generating more sales and building customer loyalty.

    • seo tips 2016

      Best OFF Page & On Page SEO practices to follow in 2016

      Important SEO tips to improve website traffic in 2016 SEO is still the most crucial factor in determining a website’s success. It is an inevitable process in increasing website traffic, boosting the page rank and ultimately in bringing more sales.

    • Fix mobilegeddon issues

      Guide to Fix Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update Issues

      An important guide for web masters or web designers :- Now every one is calling for mobile usability audit for websites. The recent launch of Google’s Mobilegeddon, the algorithm to rank websites based on their mobile-friendliness, has made mobile usability a more crucial factor in enhancing traffic to a website. Although the new algorithm impacts only the searches in smartphones, it will be of vital importance since more than eighty percentage of global online population access internet through mobile phones. image credit : Google So it’s the right time to check and fix the mobile compatibility of your websites. The common mobile usability issues found in websites Making a mobile compatible website is not a tussle, if you can take care of some important aspects properly. As per Google Webmaster’s mobile usability help page, there are six common problems which are usually overlooked by website owners. So make a checklist by including those points before running a mobile usability audit test. Let’s just go through each issue in detail. 1) Do you use Flash in your website? If still anyone uses Flash for creating effects in websites, he has to realize that Flash’s days of glory has gone. Now HTML5 … Read more

    • Social Media Trends 2014

      Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

      Social Media Marketing trends from year to year moving into new dimensions with tremendous amount of continuous success. People around the world witness new trends and changes in the sphere of social media marketing with high amount of anxiety. Digital marketing actually making huge impact on different business. In this modern time people are connected through online and even doing business through it and it enabling them to make huge amount of advantages in the form of retain and establishing long term customer relationships. Online marketing tactics are used by many companies throughout the world to promote their valuable products. You can find below some of the Social Media Trends that might strongly govern the online business by 2015. Entertainment Integrated with the Brand May Replace Traditional Advertising. Traditional way of advertising methodology more likely to change in 2015 to a new style where entertainment of customers based on brand would ultimately result in easy and effective method of communication associated with conveying messages. This notable trend will certainly become more practical in 2015, even though its signs will be clearly visible in 2013. Because customers always need things fast and have to follow innovative ideas. The more refined and … Read more