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    • Offshore Outsourcing = Success + Profit minus Criticism

      Online business is the real feature of this modern world. Many businesses make large a amount of profile through online sales. It can? be associated with technical or non-technical outsourcing. We can see many businesses taking advantage of outsourcing centers in countries like India, Philippines and China. Many of the businesses in these countries started Outsourcing agencies and could generate excellent opportunities for their clients and the people in these developing countries. The end result was the positive impact on the economies of these parts of the world. Many companies around the world prefer the process of outsourcing for their own business advantages. People could prevent loss of unnecessary time and money by outsourcing some of the areas. Even though outsourcing is appreciated by people around the world, we can witness plenty of critics too. The complaint they may state against the process of outsourcing will be the absence of direct or face to face relationship between the client and outsourcing agency. Tele-communication between outsourcing agency and clients rarely happens as there exist linguistic difficulties that may often lead to confusion and misunderstandings. For the purpose of communication they usually prefer chat by Google technologies or Skype. Here the critics … Read more

    • Great IT Hiring Tips to Take in the Best Talent to Your Team

      The success of every venture lies in the quality of the team putting it up. It is true in case of Offshore IT development too. So it must be given supreme priority over all other factors including cost while approaching an offshore vendor for setting up your office in a remote location. If you can’t build a team that works in tune with your plans and expectations, everything will go in vain for sure. The team should be capable of achieving your goals.