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    We believe the most informed clients are the best clients. One of our core values is to provide 100% transparency of our model and business practices, and also be a resource to provide ongoing insights into industry best practices, trends and enlightening observations by industry experts.

    • Outsourcing and Survival

      A close Scan at Outsourcing and Survival

      Starting of a business is often considered easy as compared to survival in the midst of tight competition. Every key aspects of business are covered by competition and outsourcing is no exception. Outsourcing is moving fast in to different spheres based on demands. There will be ups and downs in every business but the organization with a proper vision survives and succeeds in the long run. More profit by a short span of time can be possible through the application of some shortcut methods, but in the long run you may get thrashed by your own unethical practices. If you need to survive in Outsourcing business, learn the lessons of patience and courage to take right decisions at right time with the right policies of business. Failures are to be seen not as an end to your goal but a step ahead of success. If you need to survive and succeed, you should know how to manage your failures and defeats by strong will and determination. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net As far as an Outsourcing agency is concerned, when you feel and the world require change, you also need to change, otherwise the world would look at  you … Read more

    • Getting Clients Addicted is Our Passion - Offshorent

      Offshore Outsourcing: Getting Clients Addicted is Our Passion

      Offshore Outsourcing is getting a lot of relevance in these days due to the boom in the IT industry. It will not be easy always to find good clients, and it will be more difficult to retain them for a long period of time. In fact retention of the clients is the greatest challenge associated with the process of Offshore Outsourcing. Here comes the relevance of effective and result oriented Customer Service. There are problems in every industry and it doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is. What really counts is how you handle the problem. A client is just like a bird. If you don’t care for them, it might fly away from you. By admitting this fact, cultivating a habit of caring and providing the best in the form of services is necessary to get them (Clients) addicted. Offshore Outsourcing enables the clients to save a lot of time along with money. This cannot be seen as the only the factor to stimulate them to prefer outsourcing as the quality of the assignments done also matters a lot. The key and the major aspect required for effective Customer Service will is the reliable communication skills. Unclear … Read more

    • Clients are Happy with Offshore IT Outsourcing

      Why the clients are happy with Offshore Outsourcing

      The ultimate challenge in any business is to make the clients happy and Offshore Outsourcing stands proof to this. Customer Service is the core area and any mismanagement in the control of this aspect is one of the main causes of failures in the outsourcing sector.

    • Customer Service in Offshore Outsourcing

      Customer Service: The Problems Faced in Offshore Outsourcing

      As in other business’s, Offshore Outsourcing requires the cushioning of result oriented Customer Service to produce the maximum result for clients.

    • Offshore Outsourcing = Success + Profit minus Criticism

      Online business is the real feature of this modern world. Many businesses make large a amount of profile through online sales. It can? be associated with technical or non-technical outsourcing. We can see many businesses taking advantage of outsourcing centers in countries like India, Philippines and China. Many of the businesses in these countries started Outsourcing agencies and could generate excellent opportunities for their clients and the people in these developing countries. The end result was the positive impact on the economies of these parts of the world. Many companies around the world prefer the process of outsourcing for their own business advantages. People could prevent loss of unnecessary time and money by outsourcing some of the areas. Even though outsourcing is appreciated by people around the world, we can witness plenty of critics too. The complaint they may state against the process of outsourcing will be the absence of direct or face to face relationship between the client and outsourcing agency. Tele-communication between outsourcing agency and clients rarely happens as there exist linguistic difficulties that may often lead to confusion and misunderstandings. For the purpose of communication they usually prefer chat by Google technologies or Skype. Here the critics … Read more

    • IT Outsourcing Advantages and Risks

      A Look at IT Outsourcing On Its Advantages and Risks

      As all other business the process of IT Outsourcing also involves merits and risks. Risk is the path to success. All the business is driven by risks. From large to small sized firms prefer to go for outsourcing. But this decision may pave the way to risks even though certain benefits are guaranteed by the methods of outsourcing. Here maximum benefit and minimize the risks will be the main motive of a firm when they opt for the process of outsourcing. Here are some of the merits of IT Outsourcing. Save Your Money Saving considerable amount of money is the ultimate reason to prefer outsourcing. Outsourcing can control the capital, especially in the initial stages of business. There is no need of appointing an employee for permanent basis in the process of outsourcing. Hiring of employees will be based on projects and it result in the savings as far as monetary benefit is concerned. Perfect Grip On Expenditure Outsourcing of relevant IT services to an organization that concentrates in business networks and also support alleviates some of unwanted expense, providing the business a competitive advantage in regard to the activity like pricing of relevant goods and services. Suited To Small … Read more