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    • Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence

      Greetings. The world is changing and we have a new brand of machine friends. For those of us who have been reading up on Tech news in the last few years, it is a no-news that the ace innovator, Google had acquired DeepMind Technologies..

    • The Google Mystery OS Named Fuchsia

      Everyone in the tech circle gets excited each time Google does something new. Be it releasing an amazingly interactive Google Doodle or naming of the latest Android OS. There’s always excitement round the corner. So here’s another reason to pop out your eyes if you are one of the lot…

    • Top 5 Exciting Products Announced by Google at I/O 2016

      The wait is over. Google has unveiled its new products before the developers and the press gathered at its annual developer conference held at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, for the annual ritual on Wednesday.

    • 4 Ecommerce Email Marketing Opportunities in the 2nd Quarter of 2016

      Email marketing is an essential strategy in eCommerce. Consistent and creative email marketing can be fruitful in generating more sales and building customer loyalty.

    • Shopify channel SDK

      Shopify launches new sales channel SDK

      The new developer SDK launched by Shopify will open up a sea of opportunities for merchants. The highlight of the recently released development kit is that it helps merchants integrate their store with other sales channels.

    • whatsapp-file-sharing-features

      WhatsApp launches file sharing features

      Finally, after a long wait, WhatsApp has enabled its users to share documents by releasing a new update today for its Android and iOS users.