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    We believe the most informed clients are the best clients. One of our core values is to provide 100% transparency of our model and business practices, and also be a resource to provide ongoing insights into industry best practices, trends and enlightening observations by industry experts.

    • 7 tips to make your wordpress site more secure

      For anyone and everyone out there who has ever been a fan of Pokémon series or its games, you would remember that the defense mechanism used by most Rock/Sand Pokémon was “harden”. A move so strong, it would boost your defenses right up the charts and decrease the effect of any attack on you. ..

    • Two more super cool WordPress plugins from Offshorent hit the store

      Offshorent has recently launched two new WordPress plugins which can enhance the look and feel of your website. Moreover, both are full of many mind-blowing features which can improve the user-friendliness aspects too. The first in the line is ‘OS BXSlider’,responsive multi slider which can be used anywhere in your posts, pages, custom post types etc with a wide variety of options for customizing your slider. The second one is named Timeline Blog, a plugin used to display blogs in a chronological, colorful and attractive style. OS BXSlider The features of BXSlider has a cool admin interface to add, edit and manage slider. It has options to add multiple images and change the order of each image using drag and drop. It has different types of built-in sliders. In addition general setting features, users can customize the slider according to their tastes. The other features include automatic slider settings, pager options, more controls and carousel settings. Download this extension now Timeline Blog This is a typical a graphic design element with a long bar labeled with date, author avatar and comments count. It provides a cool appearance to the blog layout. You can easily manage the blog interface from the … Read more