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    We believe the most informed clients are the best clients. One of our core values is to provide 100% transparency of our model and business practices, and also be a resource to provide ongoing insights into industry best practices, trends and enlightening observations by industry experts.

    • Referral-Marketing -Integration-plugin-Woocommerce

      How To Do Referral Marketing Integration In Woocommerce?

      Referral market integration is by far the smartest way to get your marketing campaigns to fly! And, bring some very real results to your business…

    • mobile-ecommerce-engagement-platforms

      Mobile Commerce and Engagement Platforms

      Look around you and you are sure to find an overwhelming number of people using smart phones and tablets. Besides being stuck to it, figuratively all the time, it is also the preferred device to shop through.

    • prevent-Wordpress-sql-injection-attacks

      Top 3 Techniques to prevent SQL injection attacks in WordPress

      Wordpress is by far the most commonly used platform for all kinds of web sites. But it is also, one of the most vulnerable to hacking. While a blog getting hacked does not sound too problematic, what we shouldn’t overlook is that most Wordpress plugins have an interaction with the database.

    • hiring a web development-firm-freelancer-2016

      Points to Consider While Hiring a Web Development Firm

      So, you have decided to take your work / your hobby / your life online! That is a great step in itself. Taking it online opens you up to a plethora of some great opportunities – business as well as social. But all of it could just become a veritable nightmare of wasted resources if you do not choose the right web design firm / freelance designer. Here, we take you through the journey of what to consider seriously when hiring one! 1. Check on the services offered. Not just website design, many web design companies offer a plethora of services such as web development, copywriting, hosting, digital marketing solutions such as say social media, SEO, etc and e-commerce solutions as well. Each of these services require different skill sets and not always is a company well equipped in all of it. 2. Custom designed websites vs. template driven? Most web design companies and freelancers alike will offer options of both custom designed websites as well as templates. While the template option is a cheaper one, it may not be a good deal for your brand. So check with the team if they can tweak a template to offer you … Read more

    • UI-Frameworks-Build-Hybrid-Apps

      The Top 4 UI Frameworks to Build Hybrid Apps

      The App Market is going berserk right now. With every Tom, Dick and Harry developing an App out there, it takes skill to come up with a great App. And while you’re at it, we wouldn’t want you to spend time looking around…

    • google-deepmind-artificial-intelligence

      Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence

      Greetings. The world is changing and we have a new brand of machine friends. For those of us who have been reading up on Tech news in the last few years, it is a no-news that the ace innovator, Google had acquired DeepMind Technologies..