• Apple to launch proactive assistance in iOS 9 to challenge Google Now

      Android vs. iOS, the most exciting rivalry in smartphone market is taking a new turn as both introduced new features in their developers conferences held recently. Everybody was eagerly waiting for The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to get the news on new iOS 9, its features and how it’s going to challenge new Android M. While Android M is going to have a few new features similar to that of iOS, Apple too seems to be inspired by some in Android. Although there isn’t much improvisation in the design aspects, Apple introduces Proactive Assistance which is considered as the most striking of iOS 9 features.

      apple-google-now Image Source : 9to5mac.com

      Through this feature, a user can get all useful information whenever he needs it. It tracks all apps and searches, and extract all pertinent data from apps, maps, contacts, etc. A search API is also integrated to draw information from third party applications. However, it will not curb the control of the users in looking for content. It won’t gather and store any information from the cloud, and be linked to any Apple ID so that a user can keep his anonymity. Proactive Assistant will be placed on the side of home screen and with a swipe, you can open it. Many consider it as Apple’s reply to Google Now.

      More important factor is that it is powered by Siri. So it may be able to rise to the challenge put up by Google voice assistant. Siri has been updated by integrating voice assistant with other services like Spotlight, Maps and Calendar. The Proactive Assistant make Siri smarter so that it can watch your behaviour and act accordingly. For example, it can understand at what time you sign in to your twitter account in the morning or go to office by catching a taxi. It can automatically play the music you regularly listen when you plug in the earphones. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering said in his keynote at WWDC that Siri works with just a 5% error rate in answering a billion requests it gets in a week. The introduction of Proactive Assistant will make it far better.


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