• Advantages and disadvantages of mobile cloud computing

      Our mobile phones in their new age smart phone avatar have replaced most other devices in our life. Mobile computing has made transmission of all kinds of data such as voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enabled device a reality. We no longer need to be rooted to a spot or connected to a fixed physical link. Cloud computing lends itself enabling the use of a network of remote servers that store, manage, and process data. Hosted on the internet and not a local server or a personal computer, it creates a plethora of great possibilities and opportunities. Taking all of this eons further is Mobile Cloud Computing which combines mobile computing with cloud computing and wireless networks to bring together a robust and rich mix of computational resources to users and providers across the board.


      Here are the advantages of mobile cloud computing:

      It lets you be flexible: Imagine this you are somewhere on vacation and need to access your documents which you have scanned and saved on your drive. You do not have your cell phone on you and nor your laptop. You can access it all from your hotel’s mobile device or from any mobile device for that matter! With mobile cloud computing, you can definitely access and use your data from literally anywhere in the world. You can make use of any mobile device as long as you are connected to the internet. You would be able to access applications and data from your device.

      Going Real time: Forget those days when you had a lag between the point you had an update to the point when you could use/share it. Mobile cloud computing lets you go real time. Since all your data and applications are managed externally by a third party, you can update and access your data at real time with very little ado. Also, if you are working with a team or just need your family or friend to look into some bit of it, it can be done simultaneously from across the World.

      All platforms. All time : Since your data and applications are stored in the cloud, with mobile cloud computing, you don’t need to stick to a certain platform. Mobile cloud computing allows you multiple platform support. .

      Low cost option: Depending on your volume of usage, mobile cloud computing is mostly free of upfront cost or has minimal upfront cost. Like any other pay-for-use service it comes without the hefty fees charged for licensing and upgrades.

      But like all things technology, it has its own set of disadvantages too, such as:

      Data Security: Cloud computing brings with it the major concern of data security. While there are options to encrypt as well as password protect the data, it can lead to major damages if there is a security breach and not undertaken properly.

      Performance issues and connectivity: Depending on where you are the mobile cloud computing that is internet driven will affect your access and use. For instance in an area with only 2G network, expect slow access.

      However, despite its cons, it is definitely the way forward and with greater coverage and advances in technology, the cons are sure to soon be a thing of the past!


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