• 5 top performing Ecommerce platforms which enable social selling

      When you start an online store, one of the most important choices that you make is your choice of Ecommerce platform.

      Every year, ecommerce technology advances by leaps and bounds and there is this amazing sense of competition among online stores that keeps the demand going and expectations heightening. Your ideal Ecommerce platform must go beyond easy set up, high levels of customization, inclusion of standard features and embrace mobile friendliness, flawless social media integration, a great user experience, SEO or search engine optimization, content marketing modules and customer support.


      Your business goals, your budget and your technical comfort must drive your decision making. But here are 5 top performing Ecommerce platforms that enable social selling – since for Ecommerce, it is the social marketing side that is your winning hand.


      Hosted and popular, with super quick loading speed and great payment gateways that are rated one of the safest, Shopify has taken the Ecommerce world by storm. What makes it a social marketeer’s paradise is that it spoils you in terms of choice of templates by which you can customise your online store to an unforeseen degree. SEO wise, you are going to be able to have custom title tags, meta descriptions, canonical tags preventing duplicity and auto generated XML sitemaps. Customer support is pretty great and for the social marketer in you, even their lowest costing plan allows you to sell on Facebook.


      This is WordPress coming to your rescue with its usual bag of goodies. You can install it for free but there would be fees for its complete integration. Together with a good shopping cart and secure payment gateway, WooCommerce gives you all the freedom in the world to put together your own design. An admin panel that lets you manage the site the way you want, you can also have product categories, the WordPress blog, and a choice of plugins and extensions from the internet.

      This is ideal for the small to average online store. The WordPress blog is your winner in terms of social selling.


      Smart and new, Yo!Kart is literally 100% customizable, with multiple layers of security and rich in features. The interface is intuitive too. Ideal for start ups, you can actually go from a hosted, ready to launch, low cost option to a self hosted fully customizable plan.

      With zero compromise on features, this can be a dream option. The only thing that puts it as a 3rd on this list is because you need some semblance of technical skill to get this going. And work with its developers to understand the platform.


      BigCommerce is your choice if you need something super quick and something that will get your social selling going from the word Go! It comes with a cent percent functional website, unlimited bandwidth & storage, and lets you add as many products as you may want. Ecommerce features that are deemed essential such as gift cards, reviews & ratings, basic marketing tools and more are built right in.


      A newly independent company earlier housed at eBay, it is the most time tested ecommerce platform. Best for large scale re-tailers with high end ecommerce websites, it comes with a high level security, 100% customizable and scalable and offers niche features like multi-storefront, multi-language and multi-currency support. But would require considerable programming skills.

      Once you are sure about where you are and where you want to go with your business on social selling, choosing an eCommerce platform gets easy. So like every Zen master says, look within. And once you make your choice from these 5 best eCommerce platforms for social selling will work its magic for you.

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