• 5 Important Tips to Execute Your Creative App Ideas

      The success of an app depends not just on the quality of the idea behind it. To know how to sell it is equally important. Here we discusses some important tips to make commercially successful apps.

      Creative App Ideas

      1. Are you going to launch app on more than one platform?
      The release is probably the most exciting part of your app. There is the question of launching your app on multiple platforms or on just one to begin with. If you decide to launch it on more than one platform, how the release will be scheduled?
      Here’s a bit of internal politics you’re going to have to deal with – who makes the big decisions? What’s the hierarchy going to be like? Once you sort it out, you have to make your app standout in the market and make sure it will survive the competition.

      2. Are you going to give your app free?
      Do you intend to make your app free? If it is not free, will all features have to be paid for? To integrate ads within your app might be a good idea. Think of solutions to issues like cost of server hosting, as software engineers will most certainly want to know these details too. Commercially speaking, have you thought about the number of users likely to use your app? Consultation costs also need to be taken into account. Your app developers need to know your ideas clearly before they start working on your idea. What will get you most funding? It’s true it can be hard to estimate development costs, but a rough range is absolutely necessary. Make sure the costs cover the essentials!

      3. Do you know your target users well?
      When it comes to target users, you have to think about the following: who they’re going to be and what they’re going to gain from using your app instead of any other alternative. It will help you expand business or increase sales.
      Wireframes are a good idea, and they can let you see how your customers will like using the app. Is everything the way you intended for it to be? Visual designing is very important to a user, and is done after the wireframe is approved. User interaction with your app must be simple and intuitive.

      4. What is a product backlog?
      Simply put, it’s a kind of blueprint of your app. This is the space for you to list out the different requirements for your app, along with features. Security is a prime concern, and it’s your responsibility to store your customer’s sensitive information carefully. Make sure you don’t compromise on this aspect!

      5. Do you prepare for the unexpected?
      It’s also important to realize that unforeseen obstacles can delay development of your app. So plan accordingly. Also, if you plan on linking your app with outside interfaces, then you have to set some time aside to work on negotiations with the concerned people. Agile development will let you see the progress of your app step by step, instead of having to wait until the very end to see the results. So do consider incorporating Agile development plan for your app!


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