• 2013 Will Be a Busy Year for Offshore Outsourcing – A Study by Horse for Sources (Hfs) Says

      2012, without any doubt, will remain as a nightmare for the companies in Offshore IT Outsourcing industry. It was portrayed as one of the main reasons for the growing unemployment in US. Negative campaigns labeled outsourcing as an evil to the shivering U.S. economy. In the new situation, it had to tackle the unfriendly approach from government and the attack from a section of media and pundits who advocated strongly for bringing jobs back to US. In addition, the bad performance due to the aftermaths of economic downturn seemed to underline the complaints raised by the critics of offshore outsourcing. An apprehension that offshore outsourcing is reaching its end has grown stronger.

      However, the condition is getting brighter for outsourcing companies in 2013 – a recent analysis made by Horse for Sources (HfS), a well-known independent global analyst, shows. It says that the upheavals of 2012 were mainly due to some misconceptions came out of the anxieties sowed by the economic downturn. The research survey reveals that the best part of enterprises is eagerly looking at enhancing their outsourcing plans. The survey that covered 399 major buy-side companies shows that only a twentieth of them are planning to slow-down their offshore outsourcing operations. More than 50% of them are looking to amplify the outsourcing of application development services. Moreover, new areas like analytic and legal also started making use of outsourcing services.

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